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Turnkey Consultancy

Our turnkey consultancy service helps public and private sector organisations confidently meet their legal obligations around asbestos and hazardous substances.

From the initial consultation to achieving – and sustaining – full compliance, we are able to scope and manage the whole process of asbestos risk management on your behalf. Our combination of advice, guidance and services enables clients to fulfil their legal obligations whilst improving business outcomes.

Beyond identifying immediate risks, our specialist consultants help you see the process of achieving and sustaining compliance holistically. We like to start with a thorough audit, analysis and review of your current practices and policies and your existing data and documentation.

We offer a free no obligation asbestos health check for multi-site / large organisations for more information contact us

Effective management solutions

This is then the springboard for devising new strategies to improve all aspects of asbestos surveying, management and remediation across your property portfolio. Included within this is your approach to business critical data management – key to making the most of the asbestos information we gather. We can help you prioritise any risks identified and decide when to take action (and what action to take).

When removal or remediation is required, we can assist with tender administration for the appointment of Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors, and supervise work to ensure it is carried out to your specification. Our experts can even liaise with enforcing authorities like HSE on your behalf or provide expert witness where necessary.

ROTH Associates can conduct training needs analyses covering estates, maintenance and facilities teams as well as anyone else who may come into contact with asbestos containing materials on your premises.

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